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7 Venues for a Good Culture Shock

7 Venues for a Good Culture Shock

Location, location, location. Realtors always say it three times fast to hit the point home that choice of place is perhaps one of the most important decisions a person can make. Not just for buying a house or choosing a good school for your children, but also for meeting planners that have the great task of finding the perfect spot for groups to come together and enjoy themselves. It’s perhaps a bigger decision than catering, décor and itinerary combined. Put simply, the place sets the mood.

If the walls could talk in these eight venues, they would tell stories of natural wonders, of heroes on the battle lines and of the incredible advancements that came about from the invention age. While from the outside they may look like any regular brick and mortar building, it’s what’s on the inside that counts at these meeting and event venues with compelling relics and backdrops for attendees to remember.

Imagine having a luncheon with a real U-505 Submarine behind you or setting up a cocktail party near the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. Or, perhaps enjoying a meeting break at a national preserve that is the site of Las Vegas’ first water source. What these venues all have in common is that they tell a good story and provide a unique learning experience that guests crave far more than a run-of-the-mill room. Since many are nonprofits, they are also often more budget-friendly and help save on décor since there’s so much already to take in. Here are just some of our favorite venues to find a culture shock.
The Franklin Institute
Philadelphia, PA
Museum of Science and Industry
Chicago, IL
Springs Preserve
Las Vegas, NV
National Museum of American Jewish History
Philadelphia, PA
Bell Museum & Planetarium
Saint Paul, MN
dk Gallery
Marietta, GA
Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center at NOVA CC
Annandale, VA
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