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How to Attract Your Ideal Client and Fill Unused Accommodations

Are you a university or college constantly going through the housing cycle every week to accommodate larger groups for conferences, meetings, or retreats during the summer? When a university offers intern housing, this constant turnover dwindles to only once or twice per summer – creating a higher profit margin and less stress on the university employees. During our last webinar, we welcomed Richie Kenny, Director of Conference Services for the University of Miami. He discussed a three-step process while offering recommendations for universities and colleges to utilize when they begin the intern housing program.

This three-step process is a simple business method which companies use to increase sales on their product, which is exactly what universities need to do to attract interns to live on their campus. The three steps are awareness, intention, and conversion. By using this method, universities will have a better chance of attracting summer interns to their campuses.

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