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5 Rules for a Succesful Event Email

5 Rules for a Succesful Event Email

The success of an event can be judged by how many people attend. To raise awareness about your event and get more people to attend, start an event email campaign. Your event email campaign is intended to tell people about your event, and invite and encourage them to attend.  Whether you're hosting a charity gala, industry conference, or seminar, follow these tips to create an effective event email.

Create a Targeted List
Your event may not be intended for everyone on your email list. To maximize your open, click-through and response rates, create a targeted list. Think about your contacts and who would be interested in attending your event. Is your event large enough that someone in London would want to travel to Los Angeles? Consider using a geolocation feature to only send your email to those located nearby. If your contacts are receiving emails for events they cannot attend, they may unsubscribe.

Encourage Attendance
The purpose of your event email is to get people to RSVP or buy tickets. Therefore, your email should include a value proposition that tells recipients what they'll get out of attending. It should be a brief statement explaining what your event is and how they will benefit from attending. This will increase their interest in the event and encourage them to sign up and attend.

Along with the value proposition, your event email must prominently display the event's time, date, conference venue and address. This is vital information that will enable people to determine if they will be available to attend. Also provide a short description of the event, including what they can expect, plus your contact information and a link to the event website, where they can gather more information. Lastly, your email should include a distinct call to action button, where recipients can click to buy tickets or sign up.

Keep It Short and Sweet
Your email doesn't need to include every little detail about your event— just the important stuff. Think about your own interactions with event emails. You probably don't have the time or desire to read lengthy ones; they're not as likely to capture your interest. Keep your event email short and sweet. Only provide what's most important, as detailed above, and offer a link to your event page where interested people can get more details.

Incorporate the Right Images
Your email blast should provide a good balance of text and images. Compelling images will draw people in, but be wary of using too many. Too many images may result in your email being sent to the spam folder. Don't make the email one big image. Spam filters pick up emails without body text, so add the appropriate amount of images and text.

Track Results
You want to track your email to determine how many people opened, clicked-through and responded. Tracking metrics can also show you how many people visited the event's website. This data will explain the effectiveness of your email blast and help you make the appropriate changes for the next one to garner better results.

With these tips, you can create a successful event email and attract more people to your event.
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