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Tourism Toronto Sets a New Standard for Canadian Destinations

Toronto is good for the earth, according to the tourism bureau's new Level One Certification from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that recognizes destinations who meet high standards for sustainable events. Toronto is the first convention and visitors association outside the U.S. to certify. Click here to read about the first-of-its-kind achievement.

New! MobilePlanner App Keeps the Organizer Organized

From QuickMobile, this first-ever enterprise-grade planning app provides real-time collaboration and offers a quick and easy format for organizing multiple events simultaneously. Features include multiple schedules, a document center, check-in capabilities and more. Available for iOS and Android platforms. Click here to read the full advantages of this "smart" new tool.

Unique Rules of the Road: What to know before you test-drive a one-of-a-kind venue

Museums, arenas, cruise ships - all of them can be a unique option to host your next meeting or event, with a number of beneficial advantages over traditional venues. However, these special locations often have different rules you should know of before you take them for a spin.

How to Put on the Best Corporate Event, While Saving Money

Entrepreneur says a corporate event planner spends about 150 hours working with staff to produce a major event from start to finish.

Food for Thought: Pickiness Costs More

Gone are the days when attendees just eat what everyone else is having. As “foodie nation” expands, so too does a planner’s catering concerns and budget. So how do you please the vegetarian, the meat lover and the person with seafood allergies—and stay on top of the budget?  Click here for the answers.

(Continental) Breakfast of Champions?

Our standard idea of continental breakfast may be getting our meeting days off to the wrong start. Donuts and bacon are full of fat and carbs, and not the nutrients we need to stay alert. So what is the answer?

Industry Updates: News & Awards

The Marcum Hotel & Conference Center Renovates “Down to the Soap Dish”

Girl on Fire: With 20 years at AMA Executive Conference Centers, Valerie Mazzilli-Brown makes all the right calls...

This year American Management Association welcomes its 90th birthday. At the helm of the celebrations is Valerie Mazzilli-Brown, who has just as much reason to mark the occasion.

Cool Gift Idea: Travel Assurance

Security checkpoints aren’t always secure. With the advent of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimming devices at many airports and transportation hubs, travelers have become even more prone to identity theft.

Top Chefs: The IACC’s Copper Skillet Competition picks its winner. We meet the finalists from the U.S., U.K. and Canada ...

Started in 2004, the annual Copper Skillet Competition is the International Association of Conference Centre’s (IACC) opportunity to showcase the great culinary skills of its member conference centers around the world. The showdown is held each year at the IACC-Americas summit where competing chefs assemble and are presented with a secret basket filled with produce, grains and proteins to use in their meal. Each chef is granted 15 minutes to plan his or her dish and 30 minutes for the cook-off.
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