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College road trip


Here We Come

From Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz, the University of California system is coasting with top-of-the-line services and scenery

By Selena Fragassi

“Find yourself here.” Who could forget the famous tagline of all those California tourism advertisements? When you look at the full array of the University of California schools, nothing could be closer to the truth for groups and planners looking for scenic and special event venues.

Mastering The Art of Delegation

Delegation is an art. It requires the event manager to give up control over parts of a project so he or she doesn’t have to be everywhere at once. In a typical business setting, managers work with team members, get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and coach them throughout the process.

Signature Drink

The GoHawk, courtesy of Mohawk College

What a Production: How Savvy are Your Technical Skills?

Want to know how you stack up against other meeting and event planners when it comes to A/V, lighting, hiring speakers and all the other details of setting up an event production? Take the Event Leadership Institute's simple 10-question test to find out. Take the event leadership test.

Put Spirit in Your Holiday Party

Unique spaces allow you to go from the humbug to hurrah!

Sure, you can host your annual holiday party in that ballroom with that drab carpet and the less than lit-up décor. Maybe the punch will spice things up, right? OR, you could have cocktails with panda bears and toast the New Year in the Rainforest. Which one do you think your guests will remember next year?

Expert Advice

Negotiating: Meeting Universities at the Table

By Tony McGuirt

Can you negotiate with universities and college campuses to get the price you want for your next event? The simple answer is yes. As more non-traditional venues start operating on a business model and are tasked with creating revenue outside their core mission, planners get the advantage of a more competitive market. However, as with any cost discussion, you’ll first want to do your homework to assess a fair offer. Here are the tips on getting started and sealing the deal.

Communal Holiday Parties

There are a lot of things that I love about unique meeting and event sites. The fact that they're not hotels, their built-in ambiance, their price point and affordability, etc. But there's one thing that these venues do during that holiday season that I think is just genius: communal holiday parties.

Maybe it's because Unique Venues is a small business or maybe it's the fact that I'm an entrepreneur and I just like good ideas, but I think the communal holiday party is brilliant.

Inside the Industry: Roadside Assistance

“To Go” dining takes a whole new approach as food trucks become more than pit stops at colleges and universities

By selena fragassi

A conference center in the middle of campus?

Yes, it does exist.

By Selena Fragassi

The Dollars and Sense of Meeting on Campus

When you take a real look at the cost of meeting at a college or university, it all adds up to a great value.

By Selena Fragassi
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