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  • Breakfasts
    Starting early, this morning? Breakfast is served as early as 7am to get you started for your conference, early morning meeting, or casual gathering. Choose a served meal for groups of 15 or more. Buffets are available for parties of 20 or at our dining centers.
  • Breaks
    Break menu items may be used alone or added to any served or buffet meal. All items are available at any time in any location during your event.
  • EntrĂ©es
    Choose plated entrées to add formality and elegance to your special event. Friendly wait staff will be provided to attend to all of your needs. All meals can be made to accommodate special dietary needs at no additional charge.
    We Also Design Custom Entrees for Special Events and Themed Events.
  • Buffets
    Choose one of our flexible catered buffets or dine at one of our award-winning dining centers to meet the needs of your guests. We have a variety of menus to compliment the diversity of your guests whether for a formal affair or a gathering of friends and co-workers. We also design custom menus for special or themed events.